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  • Cargo to Camaroon

    Date posted: April 6, 2015
  • Cargo to Fiji

    Cargo to Fiji from Dubai

    Date posted:
  • Cargo to Douala Cameroon

    Cargo to Douala Cameroon

    Door to Door Cargo to Douala Cameroon has become one of the main revenue sector for Three Star Cargo in the recent years. With our strategic partnership with major Airlines, we are able to send cargo to Douala Cameroon from small size to cargo consolidation and flight chartering. We have weekly two chartered flights to Douala, Cameroon and this makes us the most reliable and cost effective cargo providers in Dubai with weekly twice chartered flights.

    Our partnership with major shipping liners enable us to give the best cargo rate to Douala, Cameroon with total commitment on Service Delivery. Port of Douala is one of the busiest port in Africa and our partner network enable us to meet the service level Agreement we have promised to our customers. 

    Our strategic partnership with the major logistics solution providers makes the customer clearance done in a professional way. This helps the traders who send cargo to Douala Cameroon to get ahead with the competition by prompt supply chain management.

    shipping cargo to Douala Cameroon port

    Cargo to Doula Cameroon by weekly flights

     Trade between UAE and Cameroon is on the rise and the strategic geographical position of Cameroon makes it a hub for the surrounding land locked destinations. Three Star Cargo has been helping companies in Dubai and the cutomers back home in Douala in sending cargo to Douala Cameroon.


    flights and ships for regular requirements for cargo to Douala Cameroon

    flights and ships for regular requirements for cargo to Douala Cameroon

     By the 2020, we expect Dubai to the main hub for Asia and Africa and trade relation between Dubai is on the rise.  And three star cargo as a specialist in the African sector will be the best cargo partner for all your logistics needs for Cameroon. Call us for best rates for Cargo to Douala Cameroon and get benefit of our special cargo packages.

    Major players like Kenya and Ethopian airlines are concentrating on expanding their operation in Douala.



    Date posted: February 3, 2015
  • Cargo from Turkey to Dubai

    Cargo from Turkey to Dubai is one of the main revenue generating segment for Three Star Cargo L.L.C. Turkey and Arab countries have strong cultural, economical and historical relationships and so cargo from Turkey to Dubai or Cargo from Dubai to Turkey have been steady progress since the beginning.

    Turkey and UAE have been expanding their trade relationship and for the past 5 years we can see it has reached up to $ 50 Billion.


    Date posted: December 25, 2014
  • Good Cargo Packing is very important

    We would like to distinguish Three Star Cargo in the Cargo and Logistics field by setting higher standard of  Customer Care and Relationship and with good cargo packing. Three Star Cargo L.L.C. as leading, reliable and efficient Cargo Company in UAE,  understands that you are neither an expert  in professional packing nor do you have the time to spend worrying about the cargo packing. We at Three star cargo provide professional assistance for cargo  packing your valuable shipment.

    We at Three Star Cargo provide professional assistance for cargo  packing your valuable shipment. Shipments must be properly packed to ensure damage-free transportation with ordinary care in handling. Shipments must be properly packed to ensure damage-free transportation with ordinary care in handling. There are some parameters we consider while choosing adequate packing methods which are

    1.   Fragility of the Materials inside the shipment
    2.   Geo, Political and environment awareness of the territories the shipment have to go through
    3.   The most economical and reliable ways to reach the consignee safely.
    4.   Long or Over-sized shipments
    5.   Industrial Materials such as machinery, valves, pipes packing for  Air and Sea Freight from Dubai to all over the World.

    But more than that we have a philosophy while cargo packing our customer items. We at Three Star Cargo acknowledge that we are packing the sentiments and sometimes the live hood of our customers. Three Star Cargo L.L.C. also have very courteous and professionally trained employees to pack your valuable items. And our method of  packing is acknowledged as one of the best in the cargo and logistics field in Dubai.

    Date posted: January 6, 2014
  • Word Expo 2020 and Logistics , Cargo Solution by Three Star Air Cargo L.L.C.

    Word Expo 2020 and Logistics , Cargo Solution by Three Star Air Cargo L.L.C.

    Dubai is at the center of World Trade and you wouldn’t see a place on earth where all the projects, whether it is infrastructure development  or modernization of government functions being carried so professionally any where in the world. Arabs are known to very generous and kind and they have shown again and again that they are very good rulers and administrators too.  

    In preparation of World Expo 2020, Dubai, Within the coming  7 years, there would be complete  modernization and fine tuning of every single aspects of business in Dubai. And  you would see tremendous changes happening in Cargo and Logistics Sector as well. We at Three Star Air cargo are also proudly supporting this historical event by providing efficient logistics services to our customers in Logistics sector. 

    Three Star is integrating People, Process and Technology to make sure, we are one of the contributors World expo 2020, and for  the image of Dubai and contribute positively by being more professional, efficient and reliable cargo and Air freight Solution in Dubai, UAE.

    As part of expansion in preparation for World Expo 2020, Three Star cargo is also planning for major expansion in it’s human resources, and Warehouse and Office facilities to meet the ever growing Dubai Logistics market requirement.

    The young and enthusiastic management team has set the strategy for tapping in to the great opportunity World Expo 2020 has to offer to Logistics Sector.  

    Three Star Cargo is closely watching every new letter from official World Expo 2020 management Website.





    Date posted: December 1, 2013
  • Professional Packing! Is it really important?

    For reliable cargo shipment packaging is very important. Three star cargo take pride in packing the cusotmer shipment in a very professional but economical ways!

    Date posted: October 12, 2013
  • Regular shipment offers for our three star cargo customers

    We at three star understand that at the end of the day, people would like to see if they could send their shipment with reliable cargo service in Dubai without hurting their pocket. Three star cargo with our 13 years of experience in the field of cargo in Dubai, can afford to provide more economical ways to transport our customers shipments. With our relationship with shipment agencies, air carriers and our world renowed corrier providers, we are able to provide unmatchable rate to our customers.

    Date posted: October 7, 2013
  • What are the cargo and logistics services you provide at three star cargo?

    We are a group who believe every customer has their unique needs and unique circumstances when it comes to shipping their valuable items. With a new enthusiastic management with a customer focused mission in place, we at THSC understand that, every customer has unique circumstances why he/she sends cargo. THSC would like to distinguish ourselves as a reasonable and reliable cargo organization who would want to work as a consultant for our customers where we give them the best logistics option possible under their given circumstances. We advise our customers about what could be a better way possible for our customers rather than forcing them to choose from a menu even if it eats up our charges. The reason for that is to place THSC at the top of midsize cargo and logistics market of UAE in 5 years time.

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